Sims Legacy: Week 4 & 5

Week 4

Not much else happened Tuesday. Piper went to GeekCon while Joaquin stayed home, then they both went to work for a while. But Wednesday brought a surprise, and Joaquin was ecstatic!

Baby #1 is on the way!

Thursday they bought a guitar since both of them need it. Also, Joaquin seems to be turned on by fat!Piper, which amused me. He got a Whim to WooHoo with her. Poor Piper got morning sickness right after and then the sink broke again. Thursday is just… weird. Joaquin picked up the guitar to learn how to play it. Piper, being a Critic, reviewed it and got an Angry +1 about how bad he played. Oh, Piper…

Friday began Piper’s Family Leave. Not surprising. She’s ready to pop.

11-13-16_9-34-33 PM.png

Joaquin also got a promotion on Friday. Yay! More money is always good with a baby on the way!

Saturday morning was the Big Day! At around 5am, Piper woke up in labor. Of course, that didn’t stop her from promptly going back to sleep because having a baby is no big deal if you haven’t gotten enough beauty sleep. Nevertheless, everyone welcome Summer Le Chien, the first member of Generation 2 and the current Heir!

Everyone is exhausted pretty early on…

11-13-16_9-47-28 PM.png

As a mother, I’m highly amused by Piper’s desire to lay back down between every baby interaction. Been there, done that, honey.

Week 5

Since Summer will age up soon, the house got a remodel. Summer has her own room with a bed for when she becomes a Child. Plus the bathroom is one cell wider with a sink and a new shower. Now we’re back down to $442, though, so that may not have been the best choice…

This is my moment where I get to jump up and down and wax poetic about The Sims 4. They made it so much easier. I love the nannies and how they work now, especially since they can help encourage and grow Child skills. But for the rest of the Sims, the fact that the babies just poof to daycare is brilliant. Waiting for a babysitter to show up often made my TS3 Sims late for work or miss events. It is so much better thought out in this incarnation. Love ya, developers!

Side Note: Salim keeps inviting Piper to things. She’s too busy/tired/etc. to go, but it just cracks me up. Missed your chance, buddy!

Monday they WooHoo’d again (want more heirs!) and Piper had a Pleasantly Satisfied moodlet from a particularly good WooHoo. Joaquin had a Performed Poorly moodlet from a below average WooHoo. I’m dying of laughter over that one. Maybe he’s judging himself too harshly? Maybe Piper has low standards?

Maybe he’ll feel better when he gets home because he’s got a promotion! Woo! But I’ve got yet another “get promoted and come home in a weird outfit” occurrence:

11-13-16_10-15-02 PM.png

Tuesday morning brought Summer’s birthday! Introducing, Summer Le Chien!

G2: Summer Le Chien

I forgot she’d likely need glasses since both parents have them, so I’ll take care of that when she becomes a Teen. Her trait is Cheerful from her father. She’s got the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration.

Piper had nausea out of the blue (I wonder what that could be!), then suddenly…


She and Joaquin are both very excited! Summer’s about to be replaced as heir, though.

She took a PTO day now that her Family Leave is up and apparently when Joaquin practiced guitar it angered her how poorly he did. She wrote a column roasting him and got a $200 bonus for it. I’m just… waiting for the divorce papers to arrive… Except they still haven’t gotten married. Oops! I forgot! After this baby is born, I might get to it…

Highlights from the rest of Week 5:

And then…

Another baby girl! This is Sophie, the new heir!

Piper ended the week with an art sale that got all her paintings sold, but also took a toll on her.

All in all, an eventful two weeks! Stability is here at least so they can afford their bills and get decent sleep most of the time. Next week Sophie should age up, so watch for the next post!

Sims Legacy: Joaquin

She came home feeling inspired so she painted. Then a little gaming on the computer before getting down to business (writing a column for work). Then poof! She turned into an Adult.

Also, I neglected to mention that her closet rendezvous with Joaquin was a Try for Baby. However, on Sunday I had my very first ever negative pregnancy test. Like, I have never had a Sim fail to conceive. Even in closets. So now she’s getting old and sad that she didn’t get pregnant. What a day… And then her appliances and plumbing all broke.


Not pictured: The also broken toilet. And it isn’t even noon yet.

Salim called and invited her to haggle at the flea market. And guess who’s finally receptive to her advances?

Piper, you slut… Lol.

So it was a productive Sunday.

Other than bills, Monday wasn’t initially remarkable. She did, however, repair everything herself. Then she did two paintings for Work from Home. I was glad to focus on her for a minute.

Now I have to pick which guy I want making the next generation. I think Joaquin, mainly because he hasn’t endlessly pissed me off. After a brief remodel, she invited him over. (She got that cushion at the flea market with Salim.)

11-10-16_5-57-22 PM.png

She first asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes. Then to stay the night. Then they decided they were too tired to discuss him moving in. Joaquin laughs in his sleep. It’s creepy.

11-10-16_5-59-11 PM.png

Tuesday morning she was finally able to actually ask him to move in. He said yes! Woo!

Partner (G1): Joaquin Le Chien

Age: Adult
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy (ha, good luck!)
Traits: Goofball, Music Lover, Outgoing, Business Savvy (from Fortune aspiration)

You’ll never guess what their Whims led to…

Sims Legacy: Week 3, Part 2

Has anyone’s Sim ever shown up after work in a completely different outfit?

11-10-16_5-02-18 PM.png

I am so confused… She got a promotion Friday so it probably has something to do with that, but I don’t know. Anyway.

She went to a nightclub like that after receiving an invite. Honestly, I used the opportunity to do a little collecting until she was too Uncomfortable for it. She bred enough frogs to move up in The Curator again. Yay! I think this means she’s on the last tier, so that’s exciting.

On the way up to her bed when she got home Saturday morning…

11-10-16_5-14-41 PM.png


On Saturday she took PTO because Joaquin invited her over. And…

Bow chicka wow wow!

That was a hell of a first time, I imagine. Afterwards, she climbed immediately into his bed and passed out. At least he didn’t yell at her like Salim did… When she woke up, Joaquin had left, working probably, so she hung out with his roommate until…

Oh, and fun fact. Once both men were home again, I learned that she actually slept in the roommate’s bed and it was the roommate’s closet… Joaquin chose the location! Shame on him…

And thus ends Week 3!

Sims Legacy: Week 3

Saturday of Week 2 involved breeding frogs together (I didn’t know that was a thing until it popped up in the Curator challenge, honestly), spraying the monster under the bed, and then going to work. She was horribly exhausted and passed out as soon as she got home, but she got a promotion and officially joined the Arts Critic branch as a Snooty Pundit. Her coworker called to congratulate her and invite her out, but she was about to not be able to stand, so she had to say no. Salim also asked her out a little later and she was still too tired. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna get her married and making babies…

When Sunday arrived, we officially entered Week 3. For anyone curious, she’s 6 game days from aging up to Adult… Uh oh.

Once she was awake, she showered and then called to ask Salim on a date. He said no… Asshole.

Mac n cheese was breakfast. Piper’s my kind of Sim.


11-10-16_3-25-30 PM.png

She worked from home on Sunday so she had to go watch 2 performers in the Arts Quarter. She invited Salim along cause I’m determined. The old guy hogged the Busking spot… Where’s a living statue when you need one? While I waited for a new performance, I sent Piper and Salim over to continue someone’s mural together. While they worked, a third person showed up. Teamwork!

Finally someone showed up! While they watched, Piper tried flirting again and, once again, it failed spectacularly. I’m starting to get tired of Salim’s bullshit, y’all…

I sent her home and she got a bit of sleep and a shower, then someone I don’t remember her meeting invited her to the nightclub for a Dance Party. I decided to focus on getting her some more male socialization since things are going absolutely nowhere with Salim. She managed to embarrass herself, but made a smooth recovery.

And then passed out on a bench.

She decided to flirt with Joaquin Le Chien, the DJ guy in Spin Masters with the wild shirt, and it went well for a moment before it very suddenly wasn’t. God I miss the Make Happy cheat for Needs…

So with little progress made, asshole Salim texted her to go to the Humor and Hijinks Festival. She’s about to pass out from exhaustion, but what the hell? I sent her. They joined the Jokesters together.

As I write this, I’ve realized it’s now Monday evening in game. So I guess she partied all night. No wonder she’s tired.

Speaking of…

She recovered long enough to try the bubbles and joke with him before passing out again. And then again after the fireworks… I’m so good at this game… Finally she went and took a nap behind the gallery before I sent her home since it was almost 5am on Tuesday.

I was getting 24 hours left threats over bills I didn’t notice were delivered. Before I could pay them, Salim was asking her over to his place! :O

She immediately hopped in his shower and I let her take her last PTO day. He yelled at her twice for trying to make food for both of them, but didn’t mind her getting a bowl of cereal. I tried to make them flirt, but as you can see, that didn’t last long.

After his cat nap, she actually had very good success flirting, before they both needed a nap. Progress! Maybe there’s hope yet.

He cooked for her when they woke up, which is good because she was getting pretty hungry again. I swapped the channel to Romance to try and get some emotions going a certain way, but then she went to sleep in his bed and he kicked her out… Oops? So I just sent her home.

Wednesday she got an invite to a birthday party and I couldn’t accept because she couldn’t skip work, which was frustrating. I’m really glad I didn’t choose one of the friend-oriented Aspirations… Or romance, for that matter.

But then she came home? Completely out of the blue, too. No notification or even partial pay, but she did have an Embarrassed at Work Moodlet. Idfk… But I guess I’ll focus on other things, then. Like breeding frogs.

With her needs high for once, I had her ask Salim on a date that evening. She took him to the Blue Velvet, a nightclub. It actually triggered a prestige event! Yay! Only a bronze medal, but still. I thought my game was glitched because I wasn’t getting those anymore.

So guess who showed up after the date? It’s now early Thursday morning. It was Joaquin! She flirted with him and… it went well.

On that note, I leave you…

Sims Legacy: Approaching Stability

Week 2, Sunday

Into Week 2 now. Piper hit up the Flea Market, which was pointless considering how broke she is. She did, however, manage to rummage through trash until she reeked, then go on a friend outing with Salim at the Cafe before getting invited as a group to the Bluffs. She was friendly until they became Friends and then had some successful Flirty interactions. Mostly she just made things awkward, though, before passing out in a bush Salim had peed in…

Week 2, Monday

She slept until almost 1:30 am, then decided to dance until she was overwhelmingly hungry. Her Hygiene was also lacking, especially after “Fertilizing” a bush… Finally I had to intervene and send her home, though I can understand why it wouldn’t be an appealing place to be.

She had to turn down an invite to go out with Salim because of sheer exhaustion. Monday morning the bills were delivered and they’re $416… She has $198. Shit. But she’s headed to work — Oh wait, Salim is calling and he wants to go on a date. Crap crap crap. What does she choose?

11-10-16_9-36-17 AM.png

She chose the date. Leaving work early earned her all of $9. Luckily the bills give 48 hours grace, so I think she’ll do some collecting later…

The date went… okay. Their friendly interactions were great, but most of her romantic interactions were awkward and she ended up drowning her sorrows at the bar. Still, we got the “I had a great time” pop up from him when he left.

Week 2, Tuesday

I got her home and after dinner and a nap she went out collecting. There were tons of harvestables and ready and a surprising amount of dig sites, plus frog logs. I had her search through the night and a little after 6am she passed out in her bed, but she found a lot. She almost completed the next step of her Aspiration, but needs one more crystal. Yay! She made enough money to pay the bills, too, so that’s a relief.

It’s Geek Con now. Ivy invited her along and Piper has the Geek trait, so I think it will be good for her, especially with how low her Fun Need is.

After the Con, she was exhausted, but I still made her go Dig all around her property and I got my last crystal! So the next step of the Curator Aspiration is complete.

Week 2, Wednesday

Wednesday wasn’t anything special, but I did send her collecting again and then she worked from home which required leveling up her Painting skill. I got her an easel to make it happen.

Week 2, Thursday & Friday

By Thursday morning, Piper was almost at Painting Lvl 3 and is making a little profit off her paintings, so that’s a bonus. She also earned a promotion. The game is getting a little easier now that she’s making an okay amount and has most of what she needs in her house, so I’m going to focus on her skills. She needs to keep leveling Painting, but her job wants her to focus on Writing right now and she has a Whim to write a book, so we’re going to focus on Writing. I got her to Lvl 3 Writing and then had her finish a painting to hit Painting Lvl 3 by Friday morning.

She didn’t have to work Friday so she just mainly did self care and a little bit of skill building. When she first started this career, she only had one day off. Now she has three, so it’s getting easier to manage.

Sims Legacy: The Library (Finally) and Some Other Progress

I realized I want to try and track the time, so…

Week 1, Tuesday

We decided to Surf the Web at work today to help a little with the Fun Need. I don’t know if they can die from low Fun, but I don’t want to find out this early in the game… Work performance is conveniently still at Excellent, so that works, though annoyingly she still managed to have a Stressful Workday moodlet…

She caught up on some restless sleep and she’s finally got her Needs to a decent enough level. We’re off to the library…

I tried to get her to practice writing to help her job out, but she kept wanting to talk to people. Finally, she buckled down and we got to Writing Lvl 1! Time for some well-deserved video games (The Sims, of course).

Side note: I hate that she keeps having to ignore social requests due to Needs…

She then was friendly with the librarian (Kristin Dutton) who didn’t seem to mind the stench, then promptly passed out.

Week 1, Wednesday

I let her take PTO from work. She got up long enough to go pee before returning to her bench. I’m going to use the time to, hopefully, work on her collections and build up something resembling cash…

11-09-16_3-56-39 PM.png

I’m starting to really feel bad for her… But it’s also hilarious. I’m a bad person.

When she woke up, she decided she wanted to learn Programming of all things, but I reminded her she had more pressing issues and sent her home to get a shower and another nap. Her PTO paid her so now we’re up to $345.

I amused myself for several game hours as she freaked out trying over and over and over and over and over… to throw away the same garbage, so I traded the child’s wastebasket for an outdoor trashcan. She felt much, much better.

Sort of.

Funds: $190

Week 1, Thursday

Piper’s wide awake at 3:27 am and playing video games outside by the trashcan. Every need is in the green except Social, so let’s hit the town. Because I want to collect and harvest, too, she headed to Magnolia Blossom Park. Of course it’s almost 4:30 am, so not a lot of people are out, but there’s a few.

Side note: She now has the whim to buy a TV. Because priorities.

She took a second PTO day so she could play chess with Victor Feng, since I wasted the first day watching her freak out over trash. A glass of bathroom sink water helped with hunger and then she headed back out to also meet Wolfgang Munch.

$17 dollars was wasted making burgers for everyone even though there was grilled fruit RIGHT THERE because she’s a dumbass… But she met a new friend (Eva Datta) who shares her love of hygiene.

I put the burgers in her inventory, though. If she wasted the money, I’m getting the most out of it.

She then went collecting and harvesting. I discovered that you can Look for Frogs in the little pond here, not just fish, so that was nice! Except she failed both times she tried… There was still no fruit in harvest anywhere, but we got plenty of flowers. She also found a treasure map which gave her the option to Dig for Treasure once rather than just Dig. She still only got a Capsule, though.

3 frogs (which took her one step toward the next level of her Curator Aspiration), 5 lilies, 5 snapdragons, and 3 average MySims dolls later, we headed home. She needs 5 Crystals and 3 Fossils to move up in her Aspiration, but she’s still young. We’ll get there.

She got 1 crystal out of the rock by her property, but instead of running around collecting, I let her get a shower and some sleep. Not taking PTO tomorrow.

Funds: $618
Points: 1

Week 1, Friday

She went to work Hungry, but oh well. There was a pop up opportunity that led to a small Performance Gain (stealing someone else’s papers on a paper route), so that was nice. She must have gotten a lunch break since her hunger went green randomly. Now it’s only her Fun in the yellow and for the first time in a while, her overall mood is “Fine.” Yay!

She came home feeling Inspired, but she’s also sick with something that makes her Delirious… She has no computer to order medicine and I don’t feel like sending her to the Library, so I’m gonna let her wait out the illness. Cross your fingers…

But she also came home with a promotion, so there’s the up side!

With a little extra cash, she got a slight renovation. Yay! Ceiling lamps and an actual bathroom!

She was actually over her illness by the afternoon, but we’d all but wasted her Inspired mood. Oh well.

We went exploring next. She finally got a fossil (a “Perfectly Preserved Mustache” cause The Sims’ developers are on crack…) and a good deal of produce, which brought her to Lvl 2 Gardening. She also got the whim of wanting a pool. Priorities, damn it…

Between the produce, flowers, and collectables, we’re now up to $1859! Woo! I got her a bit more of a kitchen and a computer because her Fun need is driving me crazy, plus she needs it for work.

11-09-16_5-00-36 PM.png

Funds: $49
Points: 1

Week 1, Saturday

Time for work! But we’ve decided to Work from Home today. She needs to level up her cooking skill (thank goodness I got her a kitchen) and watch 2 performers in the Arts Quarter in San Myshuno.

Instead, she has a bowl of cereal and decided to play Blic Bloc on the computer.

11-09-16_5-03-25 PM.png


She’s sick again…

She managed to level up her cooking, though. With her illness cleared up, she headed to the Arts Quarter. She got in two performances and even though she had to miss the Romance Festival, she got a good chat in with Salim Benali, who I keep ending up pairing my Sims with lol.

And that’s the end of Week 1! Next up is Week 2 and the first round of bills she probably can’t afford…

Sims Legacy: Hygiene Matters

Piper built a house.

11-09-16_3-01-26 PM.png

We have a grand total of $45 left. I got her a job in the Critic category and I’m going to head toward Art Critic with her Creative trait. We’re going to hit the library and get some Writing skill… And head out and collect so she can sell off some random collectables for cash… Plus help her Aspiration along.

Funds: $45
Points: 1

But first, the Welcome Wagon.

And as the Welcome Wagon headed out, Ivy and Zander Billingsley randomly invited themselves over.

Once we were rid of them, I snagged a child’s trashcan for her, bringing her down to $20. Then it was out to collect until she passed out on a bench near her place. There were a lot of collectibles and harvestables right by her property, plus some fishing spots for the future, though sadly none of the fruit harvestables were ready yet.

Piper collected/harvested 1 Jet (rare, woo!), 4 lilies, 4 capsules, 3 snapdragons, and a leaf frog (common). The capsules contained MySims of course (or whatever they’re called): Trevor Verily (uncommon), Gonk (common), Yuki (common), and Leaf (uncommon). I’ve kept a single lily and a single snapdragon for her to eventually plant and sold everything else.

Plus a day of work that made her very, very sad, she’s now up to $470. And with opening the capsule, the first stage of her Curator Aspiration is complete! Yay!

So, due to funds she did not have a shower. This is… taking a toll on her mental health and I haven’t been able to send her to the pool yet to shower. I’m starting to feel bad for her lmfao. She just sat and stared like that while she ate her yogurt…

So I got her a shower. She felt a little better after.

She was invited to the Humor & Hijinks Festival, but was too exhausted to attend. Sad thing, too, since her Fun meter is at critical levels. I’ll get her to the library soon, I think. She’ll like that…

Funds: $135

Sims Legacy: Distracting Myself with a Much Better World

Haven’t posted in a while. Don’t care.

This election is bullshit.

Decided to start a Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4. Their world is so much better than ours is right now.

Super nervous about how I’m gonna make it without any cheats haha. I normally do a low-cheat run. I won’t cheat for money unless they’re going to die otherwise. I cheat only for needs because I hate waiting for them to sleep and do their business. I tend to be impatient…

Founder (G1): Piper Medina

Age: Young Adult
Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Geek, Creative, Collector (from Nature aspiration)

I random’d the name until I found one I like. I figured the three Traits would all help with her Aspiration, which is one I haven’t tried yet. Looking forward to a new Aspiration.

This is a City Living hair I think. Either way, it’s an Expansion or Stuff hair of some sort and my new favorite. So genetically she’s the flame red. I love red hair and I’m curious if it will pass on. I also love the freckles. I did a pseudo-Legacy in a different save game and none of the kids got the freckles, but they at least got cool eyes. I picked one of my favorite eye colors for Piper, so hopefully that will happen again. *fingers crossed*

I bulldozed Oakenstead in Willow Creek to start her out. Here she is with her shiny suit of armor (Knight of the Octagon Table). Her funds are now exactly $1800.


Succession Law

Gender Law: Equality – The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
Bloodline Law: Traditional – Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.
Heir Law: Last Born – The youngest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir. Basically, I’m going to kick the older ones out as they age up and I keep breeding Piper til she’s old XD but really I want to extend the amount of time I can play her as long as I can.
Species Law: Xenophobic – Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder. If there are no human heirs, one will be adopted.

In summary, the last natural born, human child of each generation will be the heir, unless none are natural born, at which point an adopted child may be heir.

Points: 1

I’m using Becca’s Tracking Sheet to keep track.

Wish me luck!