Sims Legacy: Week 4 & 5

Week 4

Not much else happened Tuesday. Piper went to GeekCon while Joaquin stayed home, then they both went to work for a while. But Wednesday brought a surprise, and Joaquin was ecstatic!

Baby #1 is on the way!

Thursday they bought a guitar since both of them need it. Also, Joaquin seems to be turned on by fat!Piper, which amused me. He got a Whim to WooHoo with her. Poor Piper got morning sickness right after and then the sink broke again. Thursday is just… weird. Joaquin picked up the guitar to learn how to play it. Piper, being a Critic, reviewed it and got an Angry +1 about how bad he played. Oh, Piper…

Friday began Piper’s Family Leave. Not surprising. She’s ready to pop.

11-13-16_9-34-33 PM.png

Joaquin also got a promotion on Friday. Yay! More money is always good with a baby on the way!

Saturday morning was the Big Day! At around 5am, Piper woke up in labor. Of course, that didn’t stop her from promptly going back to sleep because having a baby is no big deal if you haven’t gotten enough beauty sleep. Nevertheless, everyone welcome Summer Le Chien, the first member of Generation 2 and the current Heir!

Everyone is exhausted pretty early on…

11-13-16_9-47-28 PM.png

As a mother, I’m highly amused by Piper’s desire to lay back down between every baby interaction. Been there, done that, honey.

Week 5

Since Summer will age up soon, the house got a remodel. Summer has her own room with a bed for when she becomes a Child. Plus the bathroom is one cell wider with a sink and a new shower. Now we’re back down to $442, though, so that may not have been the best choice…

This is my moment where I get to jump up and down and wax poetic about The Sims 4. They made it so much easier. I love the nannies and how they work now, especially since they can help encourage and grow Child skills. But for the rest of the Sims, the fact that the babies just poof to daycare is brilliant. Waiting for a babysitter to show up often made my TS3 Sims late for work or miss events. It is so much better thought out in this incarnation. Love ya, developers!

Side Note: Salim keeps inviting Piper to things. She’s too busy/tired/etc. to go, but it just cracks me up. Missed your chance, buddy!

Monday they WooHoo’d again (want more heirs!) and Piper had a Pleasantly Satisfied moodlet from a particularly good WooHoo. Joaquin had a Performed Poorly moodlet from a below average WooHoo. I’m dying of laughter over that one. Maybe he’s judging himself too harshly? Maybe Piper has low standards?

Maybe he’ll feel better when he gets home because he’s got a promotion! Woo! But I’ve got yet another “get promoted and come home in a weird outfit” occurrence:

11-13-16_10-15-02 PM.png

Tuesday morning brought Summer’s birthday! Introducing, Summer Le Chien!

G2: Summer Le Chien

I forgot she’d likely need glasses since both parents have them, so I’ll take care of that when she becomes a Teen. Her trait is Cheerful from her father. She’s got the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration.

Piper had nausea out of the blue (I wonder what that could be!), then suddenly…


She and Joaquin are both very excited! Summer’s about to be replaced as heir, though.

She took a PTO day now that her Family Leave is up and apparently when Joaquin practiced guitar it angered her how poorly he did. She wrote a column roasting him and got a $200 bonus for it. I’m just… waiting for the divorce papers to arrive… Except they still haven’t gotten married. Oops! I forgot! After this baby is born, I might get to it…

Highlights from the rest of Week 5:

And then…

Another baby girl! This is Sophie, the new heir!

Piper ended the week with an art sale that got all her paintings sold, but also took a toll on her.

All in all, an eventful two weeks! Stability is here at least so they can afford their bills and get decent sleep most of the time. Next week Sophie should age up, so watch for the next post!

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