Sims Legacy: Joaquin

She came home feeling inspired so she painted. Then a little gaming on the computer before getting down to business (writing a column for work). Then poof! She turned into an Adult.

Also, I neglected to mention that her closet rendezvous with Joaquin was a Try for Baby. However, on Sunday I had my very first ever negative pregnancy test. Like, I have never had a Sim fail to conceive. Even in closets. So now she’s getting old and sad that she didn’t get pregnant. What a day… And then her appliances and plumbing all broke.


Not pictured: The also broken toilet. And it isn’t even noon yet.

Salim called and invited her to haggle at the flea market. And guess who’s finally receptive to her advances?

Piper, you slut… Lol.

So it was a productive Sunday.

Other than bills, Monday wasn’t initially remarkable. She did, however, repair everything herself. Then she did two paintings for Work from Home. I was glad to focus on her for a minute.

Now I have to pick which guy I want making the next generation. I think Joaquin, mainly because he hasn’t endlessly pissed me off. After a brief remodel, she invited him over. (She got that cushion at the flea market with Salim.)

11-10-16_5-57-22 PM.png

She first asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes. Then to stay the night. Then they decided they were too tired to discuss him moving in. Joaquin laughs in his sleep. It’s creepy.

11-10-16_5-59-11 PM.png

Tuesday morning she was finally able to actually ask him to move in. He said yes! Woo!

Partner (G1): Joaquin Le Chien

Age: Adult
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy (ha, good luck!)
Traits: Goofball, Music Lover, Outgoing, Business Savvy (from Fortune aspiration)

You’ll never guess what their Whims led to…

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