Sims Legacy: Week 3, Part 2

Has anyone’s Sim ever shown up after work in a completely different outfit?

11-10-16_5-02-18 PM.png

I am so confused… She got a promotion Friday so it probably has something to do with that, but I don’t know. Anyway.

She went to a nightclub like that after receiving an invite. Honestly, I used the opportunity to do a little collecting until she was too Uncomfortable for it. She bred enough frogs to move up in The Curator again. Yay! I think this means she’s on the last tier, so that’s exciting.

On the way up to her bed when she got home Saturday morning…

11-10-16_5-14-41 PM.png


On Saturday she took PTO because Joaquin invited her over. And…

Bow chicka wow wow!

That was a hell of a first time, I imagine. Afterwards, she climbed immediately into his bed and passed out. At least he didn’t yell at her like Salim did… When she woke up, Joaquin had left, working probably, so she hung out with his roommate until…

Oh, and fun fact. Once both men were home again, I learned that she actually slept in the roommate’s bed and it was the roommate’s closet… Joaquin chose the location! Shame on him…

And thus ends Week 3!

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