Sims Legacy: Approaching Stability

Week 2, Sunday

Into Week 2 now. Piper hit up the Flea Market, which was pointless considering how broke she is. She did, however, manage to rummage through trash until she reeked, then go on a friend outing with Salim at the Cafe before getting invited as a group to the Bluffs. She was friendly until they became Friends and then had some successful Flirty interactions. Mostly she just made things awkward, though, before passing out in a bush Salim had peed in…

Week 2, Monday

She slept until almost 1:30 am, then decided to dance until she was overwhelmingly hungry. Her Hygiene was also lacking, especially after “Fertilizing” a bush… Finally I had to intervene and send her home, though I can understand why it wouldn’t be an appealing place to be.

She had to turn down an invite to go out with Salim because of sheer exhaustion. Monday morning the bills were delivered and they’re $416… She has $198. Shit. But she’s headed to work — Oh wait, Salim is calling and he wants to go on a date. Crap crap crap. What does she choose?

11-10-16_9-36-17 AM.png

She chose the date. Leaving work early earned her all of $9. Luckily the bills give 48 hours grace, so I think she’ll do some collecting later…

The date went… okay. Their friendly interactions were great, but most of her romantic interactions were awkward and she ended up drowning her sorrows at the bar. Still, we got the “I had a great time” pop up from him when he left.

Week 2, Tuesday

I got her home and after dinner and a nap she went out collecting. There were tons of harvestables and ready and a surprising amount of dig sites, plus frog logs. I had her search through the night and a little after 6am she passed out in her bed, but she found a lot. She almost completed the next step of her Aspiration, but needs one more crystal. Yay! She made enough money to pay the bills, too, so that’s a relief.

It’s Geek Con now. Ivy invited her along and Piper has the Geek trait, so I think it will be good for her, especially with how low her Fun Need is.

After the Con, she was exhausted, but I still made her go Dig all around her property and I got my last crystal! So the next step of the Curator Aspiration is complete.

Week 2, Wednesday

Wednesday wasn’t anything special, but I did send her collecting again and then she worked from home which required leveling up her Painting skill. I got her an easel to make it happen.

Week 2, Thursday & Friday

By Thursday morning, Piper was almost at Painting Lvl 3 and is making a little profit off her paintings, so that’s a bonus. She also earned a promotion. The game is getting a little easier now that she’s making an okay amount and has most of what she needs in her house, so I’m going to focus on her skills. She needs to keep leveling Painting, but her job wants her to focus on Writing right now and she has a Whim to write a book, so we’re going to focus on Writing. I got her to Lvl 3 Writing and then had her finish a painting to hit Painting Lvl 3 by Friday morning.

She didn’t have to work Friday so she just mainly did self care and a little bit of skill building. When she first started this career, she only had one day off. Now she has three, so it’s getting easier to manage.

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