Sims Legacy: The Library (Finally) and Some Other Progress

I realized I want to try and track the time, so…

Week 1, Tuesday

We decided to Surf the Web at work today to help a little with the Fun Need. I don’t know if they can die from low Fun, but I don’t want to find out this early in the game… Work performance is conveniently still at Excellent, so that works, though annoyingly she still managed to have a Stressful Workday moodlet…

She caught up on some restless sleep and she’s finally got her Needs to a decent enough level. We’re off to the library…

I tried to get her to practice writing to help her job out, but she kept wanting to talk to people. Finally, she buckled down and we got to Writing Lvl 1! Time for some well-deserved video games (The Sims, of course).

Side note: I hate that she keeps having to ignore social requests due to Needs…

She then was friendly with the librarian (Kristin Dutton) who didn’t seem to mind the stench, then promptly passed out.

Week 1, Wednesday

I let her take PTO from work. She got up long enough to go pee before returning to her bench. I’m going to use the time to, hopefully, work on her collections and build up something resembling cash…

11-09-16_3-56-39 PM.png

I’m starting to really feel bad for her… But it’s also hilarious. I’m a bad person.

When she woke up, she decided she wanted to learn Programming of all things, but I reminded her she had more pressing issues and sent her home to get a shower and another nap. Her PTO paid her so now we’re up to $345.

I amused myself for several game hours as she freaked out trying over and over and over and over and over… to throw away the same garbage, so I traded the child’s wastebasket for an outdoor trashcan. She felt much, much better.

Sort of.

Funds: $190

Week 1, Thursday

Piper’s wide awake at 3:27 am and playing video games outside by the trashcan. Every need is in the green except Social, so let’s hit the town. Because I want to collect and harvest, too, she headed to Magnolia Blossom Park. Of course it’s almost 4:30 am, so not a lot of people are out, but there’s a few.

Side note: She now has the whim to buy a TV. Because priorities.

She took a second PTO day so she could play chess with Victor Feng, since I wasted the first day watching her freak out over trash. A glass of bathroom sink water helped with hunger and then she headed back out to also meet Wolfgang Munch.

$17 dollars was wasted making burgers for everyone even though there was grilled fruit RIGHT THERE because she’s a dumbass… But she met a new friend (Eva Datta) who shares her love of hygiene.

I put the burgers in her inventory, though. If she wasted the money, I’m getting the most out of it.

She then went collecting and harvesting. I discovered that you can Look for Frogs in the little pond here, not just fish, so that was nice! Except she failed both times she tried… There was still no fruit in harvest anywhere, but we got plenty of flowers. She also found a treasure map which gave her the option to Dig for Treasure once rather than just Dig. She still only got a Capsule, though.

3 frogs (which took her one step toward the next level of her Curator Aspiration), 5 lilies, 5 snapdragons, and 3 average MySims dolls later, we headed home. She needs 5 Crystals and 3 Fossils to move up in her Aspiration, but she’s still young. We’ll get there.

She got 1 crystal out of the rock by her property, but instead of running around collecting, I let her get a shower and some sleep. Not taking PTO tomorrow.

Funds: $618
Points: 1

Week 1, Friday

She went to work Hungry, but oh well. There was a pop up opportunity that led to a small Performance Gain (stealing someone else’s papers on a paper route), so that was nice. She must have gotten a lunch break since her hunger went green randomly. Now it’s only her Fun in the yellow and for the first time in a while, her overall mood is “Fine.” Yay!

She came home feeling Inspired, but she’s also sick with something that makes her Delirious… She has no computer to order medicine and I don’t feel like sending her to the Library, so I’m gonna let her wait out the illness. Cross your fingers…

But she also came home with a promotion, so there’s the up side!

With a little extra cash, she got a slight renovation. Yay! Ceiling lamps and an actual bathroom!

She was actually over her illness by the afternoon, but we’d all but wasted her Inspired mood. Oh well.

We went exploring next. She finally got a fossil (a “Perfectly Preserved Mustache” cause The Sims’ developers are on crack…) and a good deal of produce, which brought her to Lvl 2 Gardening. She also got the whim of wanting a pool. Priorities, damn it…

Between the produce, flowers, and collectables, we’re now up to $1859! Woo! I got her a bit more of a kitchen and a computer because her Fun need is driving me crazy, plus she needs it for work.

11-09-16_5-00-36 PM.png

Funds: $49
Points: 1

Week 1, Saturday

Time for work! But we’ve decided to Work from Home today. She needs to level up her cooking skill (thank goodness I got her a kitchen) and watch 2 performers in the Arts Quarter in San Myshuno.

Instead, she has a bowl of cereal and decided to play Blic Bloc on the computer.

11-09-16_5-03-25 PM.png


She’s sick again…

She managed to level up her cooking, though. With her illness cleared up, she headed to the Arts Quarter. She got in two performances and even though she had to miss the Romance Festival, she got a good chat in with Salim Benali, who I keep ending up pairing my Sims with lol.

And that’s the end of Week 1! Next up is Week 2 and the first round of bills she probably can’t afford…

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