Sims Legacy: Hygiene Matters

Piper built a house.

11-09-16_3-01-26 PM.png

We have a grand total of $45 left. I got her a job in the Critic category and I’m going to head toward Art Critic with her Creative trait. We’re going to hit the library and get some Writing skill… And head out and collect so she can sell off some random collectables for cash… Plus help her Aspiration along.

Funds: $45
Points: 1

But first, the Welcome Wagon.

And as the Welcome Wagon headed out, Ivy and Zander Billingsley randomly invited themselves over.

Once we were rid of them, I snagged a child’s trashcan for her, bringing her down to $20. Then it was out to collect until she passed out on a bench near her place. There were a lot of collectibles and harvestables right by her property, plus some fishing spots for the future, though sadly none of the fruit harvestables were ready yet.

Piper collected/harvested 1 Jet (rare, woo!), 4 lilies, 4 capsules, 3 snapdragons, and a leaf frog (common). The capsules contained MySims of course (or whatever they’re called): Trevor Verily (uncommon), Gonk (common), Yuki (common), and Leaf (uncommon). I’ve kept a single lily and a single snapdragon for her to eventually plant and sold everything else.

Plus a day of work that made her very, very sad, she’s now up to $470. And with opening the capsule, the first stage of her Curator Aspiration is complete! Yay!

So, due to funds she did not have a shower. This is… taking a toll on her mental health and I haven’t been able to send her to the pool yet to shower. I’m starting to feel bad for her lmfao. She just sat and stared like that while she ate her yogurt…

So I got her a shower. She felt a little better after.

She was invited to the Humor & Hijinks Festival, but was too exhausted to attend. Sad thing, too, since her Fun meter is at critical levels. I’ll get her to the library soon, I think. She’ll like that…

Funds: $135

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