Too Many Dishes to Do Dishes

When your sink is too full of dishes to do the dishes…

I’m currently in that boat. Our dishwasher is shit, so I have to practically hand wash everything before putting it in just to make it come clean, but right now the sink is over full and I’m just too annoyed to address the issue at the moment. Tonight might be a fast food night. I won’t have kiddo back from her dad’s until seven tonight, so my guilt will be minimal.

Yeah… Fast food.

I’m broken out in a rash that I call my “stress hives.” It’s not true hives with the gross boils, but it’s unbearable itchiness over my entire upper body, especially my back, arms, and face/ears/neck. I’ve had it for days now and it happens now and then and my doctor, who I normally love and respect dearly, dismissed it the one time I tried to have him address it. I can’t entirely blame him, though: I wasn’t broken out at the time and probably sounded crazy. Mr. Owl’s step-dad is a retired dermatologist and one of his cousins works in the office the step-dad used to be a partner in or something like that. He wants me to get in there but we’re waiting for his work to finally process the addition of me to his insurance. I turned 26 the day after we got married so I’ve been in limbo with no insurance right now.

Anyway, that’s more information than anyone who might read this blog would need. I texted Mr. Owl about the rash flaring up and he told me to take a bath and he’s going to pick up Wendy’s. He might even feel bad enough for me to pick up a donut. (There’s an amazing donut shop in the area, but that’s a story for another blog post.) I’m gonna chill with my cat after I bathe and maybe if I just stay calm and relax and force myself to ignore the dishes (at least I unloaded; that counts, right?) than it might calm down.

I hope.




Update: He is getting me a donut. And dinner is upgraded to Five Guys. See why I married this man?

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